IFS can be used for various stages of production, and our newly developed standards can now also be applied to different departments within a company. All standards are risk-based and process-oriented. We do not stipulate how certain risks should be avoided. It is much more important to ensure that the processes you have implemented actually work. This will enable you to reduce your recalls. Certification to an IFS Standard enables you to achieve qualitative improvements, and creates new sales opportunities as IFS certification is becoming a requirement of more and more retailers and manufacturers. It proves not only that the products you manufacture are safe but also that you can implement retailers’ specifications.

Benefits of IFS

  • Risk-based, non-prescriptive standards
  • Action plans to improve performance
  • A uniform system of quality assurance
  • Fewer recalls
  • Optimized processes
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Improved relations with customers and authorities, improved business opportunities
  • International recognition

Global network (data for own supplier and retailer search)

Accredited Standards Certification