Our Accreditation

The Value of Accreditation

Transparent and credible governance of certification bodies through the accreditation process is fundamentally important to the value of independent assessment and certification.

Being assessed by an accredited organization is important, it helps your company reduce risks, increase its opportunities and gain more commercial value than using a non-accredited body.

Accreditation proves that the certification body has the necessary professionalism and expertise to conduct assessments and gives additional purchaser confidence. For this reason, accredited certification holds greater commercial value and integrity than non-accredited approval.


Check SMG Accreditation with IAS-MSCB-153

IAS_Mgt_Sys_Cert_V_CMYK updated

Check SMG KSA FSMS Accreditation with IAS-MSCB-288

Our Disclaimer

Not all certification bodies are made the same, so when selecting the body you want to work with ensure they are accredited to provide the service you need and looking for.

Be careful of non-accredited bodies offering system certification, often the certificates aren’t recognized.

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