BRCGS Certification

Elevate Your Food Business with BRCGS Certification

Are you looking to enhance your food safety standards, gain a competitive edge, and achieve operational excellence? Look no further than BRCGS certification, a leading global program recognized by the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

What is BRCGS Certification?

Formerly known as the British Retail Consortium Global Standard, BRCGS offers a comprehensive suite of certifications specifically designed for the food industry:

BRCGS Food Safety

Demonstrate your unwavering commitment to food safety, comply with legal requirements, and gain a competitive advantage recognized by top retailers worldwide.

BRCGS Storage & Distribution

Optimize your storage and distribution processes, reduce costs through improved efficiency, and mitigate potential risks with a strong focus on hazard and risk analysis.

BRCGS Packaging & Packaging Materials

Achieve GFSI benchmarking, gain recognition through the industry-leading standard with over 3,500 certifications globally, and ensure comprehensive verification of your packaging systems.

BRCGS Consumer Products

Ensure legal compliance with the European General Safety Directive, maintain consistent production for sector-specific product requirements, and benefit from continuous improvement leading to cost savings.

BRCGS Agents and Brokers

Enhance the transparency and traceability of your supply chain, demonstrate due diligence, and build trust with your customers through BRCGS certification for agents and brokers.

Benefits of BRCGS Certification

  • Enhanced Food Safety: Rigorous audits ensure your food safety processes meet the highest standards, protecting consumers and your brand reputation.
  • Legal Compliance: Demonstrate “due diligence” to meet legal requirements for both suppliers and retailers.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain recognition by top food retailers and set your business apart with a GFSI-recognized certification.
  • Cost Reduction: Continuous improvement practices lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Streamlined Management: Integrate BRCGS with other certifications like ISO 9001 and HACCP for a single, unified management system.
  • Improved Supply Chain Transparency: BRCGS Agents and Brokers certification enhances traceability and builds trust with your customers.
  • Reduced Costs: Promotes best practices in handling, storage, and distribution, improving operational efficiency.
  • Mitigated Risks: Strong emphasis on hazard and risk analysis helps identify and manage potential product safety risks.

Why Choose Us for Your BRCGS Certification?

As a leading ISO certification body, we offer comprehensive BRCGS certification services. Our experienced auditors will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and successful certification experience. Ready to take your food business to new heights? Contact us today for a free quote and learn how BRCGS certification can help you achieve food safety excellence, gain a competitive edge, and build trust with your customers.

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