Certification Mark Use ‎


The SMG certification body mark and IAS logo shall only be displayed together on all issued certificates. IAS logo cannot be used in isolation, without the certification body logo.


IAF or any other independent registered logo can be used only with the appropriate authorization. For example, IAF logo can be used from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification subject to their permission, ISO 27001 and ISO 20001-1 are currently not available for use of IAF logo.


The mark may be reproduced in any size or approved colors provided the configuration is strictly adhered to, including the surrounding frame.


The mark may be used on stationery, such as headed letter paper and advertising brochures, and only in connection with the Management System Standard scope of supply listed on the certificate.


The mark shall not be used on flags, buildings, vehicles, packaging, directly on products, nor on promotional products such as calendars, diaries, coasters, etc.


The mark shall not be used in any way to imply product approval, or on documentation such as test certificates and certificates of conformity.


The certificated Client shall, upon reasonable notice, discontinue any use of the mark which is considered to be unacceptable to the Certification Body.


Upon termination of the certification, for whatever reason, the Client shall discontinue all use of the mark immediately.


Stationery, such as headed letter paper, advertising brochures, only in connection with the International Management System Standard and scope of supply listed on the Certificate.

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